Saturday, 27 October 2012

Landscape ; Ayanangshu

                                                             Landscape: Way to Darjeeling
                                                                        30" x 45"
                                                             Watercolor on handmade paper
I have drawn this from a reference picture got from the Net. Darjeeling is one of my favorite place at any time of the year. People do say that Darjeeling has lost its charm, it has become congested, dirty .. more of a market than tourist place. may be ... doesn't matter to me. The way from siliguri to 'queen of hills' itself create a spell on me. I just love to walk along the roads without a specific destination looking at the distant hills in between the clouds. Just fascinating.


  1. The beauty of this place lies in its serenity, uncorrupted, you caught the magic spell very well!
    Thanks for your visit and feed back, appreciate it!

  2. Hi Ayanangshu, thanks a lot for your visit to my blog and for the nice comment you left.
    Congratulation for your watercolors, I like your colors and the beautiful light that all your paintings have. Really very nice works!